diary logs

15th june 2020

idk im rlly feeling that low mood yall..... .__. ,, probably wont really bother writing anyhting since i switched quite a bit and i just [pees] ,, uhh ig in sifas i ranked like ~12k in the event which im super proud of !!! and im currently like... rank ~4k in llsif... tbh i had a lot of sugar cubes (at least 100) of them so when i realised tht i was like... OH ....so yeah,, im gonna try get all the rewards available by ..maybe the next few hours? i gotta try to do tht before i run out of time dshweiuejkwf.... anyway, ive been thinking of giving my site a makeover bc im seeing others and im getting a bit inspired but tbh i dont rlly know what kind of layout i want my site to have so .... [pees again]... ig ill figure smth out !!! honestly love live is rlly saving my dead ass like i am ultra depressed but i feel a bit better when i play it,, idk maybe bc the girls are just ;pleading:

14th june 2020

aaa!!! ok so today was jiri's bday... hes 50 now which :0c and apparently my dad will be 50 next years... [pees].... also, i think i know what i wanna do for now! i really wanna work on my iros.., im making some new iros too so... ive been thinking of making the ogs a lot more light hearted than the new ones? idk tbh i just had the idea.... im def rlly loving a lot of the codes by avicode on th, idk maybe its what ive been looking for the entire time! so im super happy abt tht,, theyre motivating me to want to FINALLY put more iro stuff on writing rather than thinking of it,,,

10th june 2020

cries ,. . bc i had a collection of dreams tht were not all epic ... .. keogh stalking me, lice and roaches and stuff in a room -- uhhh but bf proposed to me w a $30 ring too???? uh i also remmeber last night my mom came to my room telling me how her lady boss wanted to open up a bubble tea shop O_O.....and tht if they needde more ppl she could say tht i wanted to help out ...pees.... anything for a job..... im too peeheaded to go and give out a cv to literaly anywhere anywya........
ok so .. . . . I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON KISEKAE2 FOR THE ENTIRE DAY ....!!!! AND IM RLLY HAPPY W EVERYTHING..... im like,,, aaaa,,,, this is what i made, and this one is like.. from oct 2019... so look at that difference,,, and i dont even use kisekae often, it was mainly bc i got inspired looking at kisekae work that was a little more custom made/stylised!!!! HERE is their magical girl forms !!! it was a bit more difficult since i didnt know a lot of things i could use for their designs so,,, i kinda made-do.... BUT IM SUPER HAPPY W THE RESULTS AND EVERYTHING I REALLY WANNA KEEP MAKING MORE.,,!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow im going to bf's house so maybe i can start on like idk,... their senior years and then past forms and stuff like that,,, aaaa im so happyyyyyyyy EEEEE
okok uh ik its like 2am but here's the senior version !!!!!! kinda thinking abt giving them new outfits for their senior years but im not too sure yet!! ofsudjfdanl

9th june 2020

i did it !!! ive graduated !!!!!!! i finally have more or less completed my course,,,, now i can finally stop thinking abt that and just work on.. idk literally anything else !!! im so relieved,,, i wish maybe like. i could have a proper graduation or celebration or something. hopefully i get into bcfe. if i do, maybe by then i can have a mini celebration! idk,,,, its just so weird. bf came over today as well!!! he's going to do stuff w his clan over the weekend, so we're looking to meet for the next two days again. [cries] i miss him already.... technically its already almost 1am when i write this but uhm , .. . ... i was doing my website before this so lets pretend this was meant to be my entry for today! lol .. . .im rlly tired tho. i deserve some rest. plus his scent still lingers on my bed [cries]
oh and i forgot to say but today i was trying to start on doing some pride art for my ocs. so maybe i can continue that tomorrow or something???? [peees]

8th june 2020

[cries] ok well :flushed: yesterday the bee fee recommended me 2 use bootstrap and uh :flushed: ok thank u . . . .. i admit im pee brained but this helps a lot. awigatou uwu ! even tho he hasnt coded in like 237438924 years at least i could take away some ImPorTant info... :3c well today's my last day of doing work for TP, clearly im working on my site instead but its ok ! uh .. .i hope KJDFKJSDF i have like a lot of things done but i rlly should just try to get it all completed so i feel like maybe i Will pass..... anyway i watched bts' speech thing for class of 2020 and bruh when namjoon pulled up that english i bawled my eyes out :pensive: honestly tht did give me a little bit of hope. ive been really down the slumps recently ....

7th june 2020

this is the first time im writing here !! its actually 2am as im writing thins but ,,, [peees] its ok. im going to see my bf later today !!! i miss him a lot lol [pees continuously],, ive been working hard on this, and i hope ill see it grow more overtime,,, i rlly want to use this ! i rlly do wanna get to understand how to do all this coding and stuff ,,, i'll also hopefully get all my work for my course done by tuesday so i can finally at least pass ..!!! i know i can do it im just a little,,, idk. pee brained! but im counting on myself and i know anyone else would be too,,,